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Environmental, Social & Governance Solutions

Drive better decision-making and long-term
value creation by consolidating your ESG-
related press releases, earned media
monitoring, analytics and reporting into one

Press Release Distribution & Targeting for ESG

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) is helping define the value of companies through new methods of storytelling and transparency. Shareholders, employees and customers are all engaged in every aspect of ESG, so delivering your ESG message to the right audience is paramount in growing your relationship with all stakeholders. Dotmount extensive network of ESG-related outlets, journalists and influencers can ensure your ESG press releases are delivered to the right audience, helping you become more transparent and building value within your organization

Flexible & Comprehensive Media Monitoring Solutions for ESG

Whatever the sector you operate in, ESG considerations are more important than ever. Dotmount scalable, agile and state-of-the-art media monitoring platform streamlines every step of your sustainability management journey. Our sector-specific approach addresses the unique challenges, business contexts and trending topics within your industry to provide even more insightful recommendations for better sustainability management.

Better Insights Means More Informed Decision-Making

Robust and timely ESG reporting enables companies to strengthen their narrative on the journey toward long-term value and sustainability. To support this demand, Dotmount has introduced a new suite of reporting and briefings services aimed at helping to better inform our clients on how their sustainability and social responsibility efforts are performing in the market, and what steps they can take next. Spend less time on data collection and navigating the complex landscape of reporting frameworks and more time on benchmarking, sustainability strategy and execution.

Swift & Decisive Crisis Communications

Dotmount is uniquely positioned to help communicators at every stage of a crisis or large media event. Trust our spike alerts to notify you when a crisis is unfolding. Utilize our press release distribution and media contact database to craft and share your response. Build your own reporting or work with Dotmount Insights team of analysts and researchers.

Create a Dedicated, Branded ESG Website

A Dotmount-hosted ESG website allows a company to showcase its ESG highlights and make ESG resources easily accessible in once place. When using Dotmount Newswire, every ESG specific press release will post directly to the ESG Website at the time of distribution through a direct, automated connection.