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Amplify Your PR and Marketing Power.

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More than 1 in 4 journalists receive over 100 pitches per week. Most are irrelevant - and ignored.

Get into the right inboxes faster. Dotmount’s media relationship management tool comes with a vetted global database of over 1.1 billion influencers. So you can quickly identify and connect with relevant media contacts for your story, streamline your team’s outreach without annoying spreadsheets and increase your chances of coverage.

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Monitor What the World Is Saying.

Half of the Earth’s population is on social media today (literally). Not to mention all the other digital channels that have emerged.

Manage your brand reputation, stay on top of trending stories and gather consumer and competitive intel with Dotmount global news and social listening solutions. Tap into the 100+ million available sites Dotmount Communications tracks and get real-time insights to easily understand – and act on – the conversations around you with engaging campaigns.

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Dotmount Communications Group is an international strategic communications consultancy firm that uses an in-depth understanding of public, commercial, and political drivers to provide insightful strategic counsel and meet complex communications challenges. We apply rigorous research and analytics to create bespoke, integrated strategies for traditional and digital platforms. We measure the results to optimize our tactics and provide easy-to-understand, actionable reports for our clients. Via infusing strategic communications efforts Dotmount Communications has over the years supported government, corporate and private entities, delivers sophisticated communications programmers that shape awareness, guide opinion and enhance understanding on a national, regional and international basis.

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Get Insight from Expert PR Analysts

Get the insights you need while saving time you don’t have. Dotmount Communications expert research teams provide daily briefings and advanced analysis to keep you and your organization in the know when it comes to your brand, industry, hot issues and more. So you can focus on what’s next.

Go Beyond Output. See What Actually Drives Successful Outcomes.

You’ve connected with the right influencers, sent out a press release and secured some coverage. Now what?

When you have the data to see how many people you’re reaching, what they’re saying, and what they’re doing with your content, you get informed. You get ideas. You build more effective campaigns.

Attract High Net Worth & Aspirational individuals

We communicate to 2,000,000+ of the World’s Wealthiest through our Print Medium and talk to over 700,000+ High Net Worth & Aspirational individuals daily via Pleasures Magazine. Our traditional Publishing division element, offers a truly unique opportunity as a specialist publisher that has been established for 11 years and produces a luxury lifestyle coffee table book six times per annum, which plays a pivotal role in the promotion of Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and the UAE. This pattern of proven success is demonstrated by the consistent reinvestment from various recognised brands who chose to advertise with us and include the likes of some power house names such as; Richard Mille, Rolls Royce, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, Gulfstream, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Harry Winston, Giampiero Bodino, Emirates Palace, Burj Al Arab, Boodles, David Morris, Velaa Private Island, The Royal Mansour, Omega and Fendi, to name a very select few from our partner portfolio.

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DCG clients include Fortune 500 companies, trade associations, non-profit organizations, issue-oriented coalitions, academic institutions, health care providers and product manufacturers, as well as foreign, state, and local governments. Our commitment to zealously advocating for our clients and delivering results has led to our consistent ranking as one of the top PR and lobbying firms in the world..

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